Bang & Olufsen BeoSound 2
Bang & Olufsen BeoSound 2
Bang & Olufsen BeoSound 2

Bang & Olufsen

Bang & Olufsen BeoSound 2

Regular price ₱123,400.00

Powerful wireless speaker system with a room-filling 360-degree sound performance.

Rich sound

360 degree listening experience
Room filling sound even when placed in a corner.
The sound you experience with BeoSound 2 is spherical, powerful and precise, no matter where the speaker is placed and no matter what your position in the room is. 1 x ¾" tweeter, 2 x 2" mid-range, 1 x 5 ¼" woofer BeoSound 2 delivers a powerful and rich sound performance.


Wireless, Multiroom speaker
Connect with other speakers in your home in a wireless setup.
Let music flow through every room by linking up your flexible speakers and creating a wireless music system. Beosound 2 supports both Chromecast built-in, Apple AirPlay 2 and Beolink Multiroom technologies


Intuitive and easy
Tap, turn and swipe.
Use the touch sensitive wheel on top of BeoSound 2 to control your music. With a simple tap on top of BeoSound 2 you automatically start or join the music experience. An integrated proximity sensor detects the user’s position allowing uniform and intuitive operation with the wheel


Sound made beautiful
Crafted aluminium delivers enhanced acoustics and handmade feel.
Thanks to its material stiffness, aluminium gives BeoSound 2 its superior acoustic properties. The overall conical shape, formed like a musical instrument, ensures avoidance of dissonance from joints and corners and provides the best acoustic properties.


Simple and flexible placement
With a minimal footprint, Beosound 2 goes wherever you want your sound to be.
An elegant and uncomplicated wireless music system, BeoSound 2 is designed to fit easily into your interior and blend with your style. Unplug it once in a while, and move it around your home as you see